Electronic Claims Management

Electronic Claims Management – Free software, training and support; works with all practice management software.

FDA members pay a special discounted rate of $.25 per claim that can save you more than $1,000 per year (based on 350 claims per month at the national average cost of $.50 per claim).

ClaimX allows you to submit claims; print claims; store NPI numbers, use the latest techniques to keep up with the status of your claims; send eligibility requests*; check patient eligibility before an office visit; receive responses electronically; view electronic responses – EOBs, rejects, alerts and daily reports; submit all your claim attachments (X-rays, forms, etc.) using NEA*, and, manage claims with Watchdog™.

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Phone: 866.886.5113, Opt. 1

Web site: www.claimxedi.com (Promo Code KCI3629)

* Additional fees may apply; call for details.


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