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Malpractice Case Study: May 2018

Altering Dental Records Can Result in Significant Penalties

The Florida Board of Dentistry (Board) takes a dim view of those who alter dental records. If a licensee is found to have altered a dental record, the Board has a full range of penalties available to address the violation, including loss of the dental license and significant monetary penalties.

Posted 5/1/18

Malpractice Case Study: March 2018

Management of Treatment Complications

Even when a patient is provided with care that meets the standard of care, complications may arise during, or as a result of, the treatment provided. It is often helpful to review this type of case to determine not only the root causes, but also how the complication was managed.

Posted 3/19/18

Malpractice Case Study: February 2018

The Importance of Infection Control in the Community Dental Office

Develop appropriate policies and procedures to reduce potential infections and improve patient safety.

Posted 2/1/18

Malpractice Case Study: January 2018

Risks in Electronic Dental Records

System and user errors result in many EHR-related dental claims.

Posted 1/5/18

Patient Safety Scenario

Is Your Patient a Victim of Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking victims are commonly seen in medical and dental practices with the following conditions…

Malpractice Case Study

Withdrawing From the Dentist-Patient Relationship



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