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FDA Services is the wholly owned, for-profit insurance agency of the Florida Dental Association.  We were first formed in 1989 to have a greater voice in the ever-escalating malpractice premiums occurring in the 1980’s.  FDAS’ first line of business was the formation of the FDA Endorsed Professional Liability program along with our friends at First Professionals Insurance Company, where we now have over 3,600 policyholders.  Over the years, FDAS has thrived being able to find successful solutions to the insurance needs of our members.  We have truly become dental risk experts and take pride in managing the insurance portfolios of each and every client.

We are directed by an eleven member Board of Directors, all of whom are FDA volunteer dentists.  Our mission statement says we are “to provide quality insurance plans and other membership benefit programs combined with exceptional customer service at competitive prices to Florida’s health care providers and small business owners across the state”.  Revenue generated from insurance sales goes directly towards helping to fund FDA programs and lobbying efforts that are important to members, as well as, keep member dues to their lowest possible level.

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Scott Ruthstrom

Scott Ruthstrom
FDAS Chief Operating Officer


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